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Chinese Pistache

Marcum's Nursery considers this broad spreading medium-sized deciduous tree as an excellent tree for growing next to sidewalks and driveways. Its small leaflets provide brilliant fall colors of yellow, orange, and red. Female Chinese Pistache trees will produce berries after fully established.


Deciduous, Shade Tree, Drought Tolerant, Oklahoma Proven, Chump's Choice

Botanical: Pistacia chinensis
Genus: Pistacia
Flower Color: Not Applicable
Type: Trees - Deciduous
Mature Height: 40' - 60'
Mature Width: 40' - 50'
Zone(s): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Special Features: Dense-Branching, Disease Resistance, Dramatic Foliage Color, Fall Color, Fruit, Plumes, Tolerates Poor Soils, Tolerates Wide Range Of Soil Types
Moisture Tolerance: Drought tolerant, Moist, well drained soil, Needs regular watering
Attracts Wildlife: No
Appropriate Setting: Street Or Urban Landscape
Growth Rate: Moderate
Flowering Season: Not Applicable
Foliage Color Fall Color: Red, Fall Color: Yellow-Orange, Mature Foliage: Dark Green, Mature Foliage: Green
Sun Exposure Full Sun

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